Your 2011 Christmas in Hawaii

Is your dream to spend Christmas in Hawaii with your family, away from the snow and the cold this year? Laying on the beach, building sand snowmen and decorating a palm tree with lights and bangles?   Imagine Spending Christmas  swimming with manta rays or watching lava meet the sea? Escape to amazing black sand beaches and stay at a luxurious resort? Take a cultural journey discovering authentic hula, exploring natural wonders and learning about some of Hawaii’s most historic places?

With a GRN Travel Club membership you can spent Christmas 2011 on the big island at the Wyndam Mauna Loa Village by the Sea Dec 23-Dec 30 11 Two bedroom townhouse $599 for the week.

Comparison $1750+tax/fees per wk with the major carriers.  A saving of $1151 for a GRN Travel member. I checked with all the major carriers and these dates were not available to book.  So if you want to spend Christmas 2011 at this location you need to sign up today for your own GRN Membership.

The alternative to a costly Timeshare is The GRN Travel Club membership. 
Please take a few minutes and watch this DVD " THE HIDDEN PATH " so you will better understand how our membership works.


CLICK HERE for more information

If you have questions you will find my contact information in the Getting to Know US tab. 

Happy Traveling,

Mike & Vikki


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