Winter Holiday: Bavarian Alps

Bavarian AlpsJust 50km from the historic city of Munich is the enchanting town of Schiersee and the spectacular Bavarian Alps.

In winter, the lakes are transformed into huge ice skating rinks and are great fun for the whole family! Moreover, they are ideal for sledging, curling or going on comfy walks on and around the lakes.

Between the villages of Schliersee and Spitzingsee, the two popular skiing areas of the region are situated: the Stümpfling skiing area in the west and the Taubenstein skiing area in the east.

Alpen ClubThe resort, Alpen Club-Schliersee, itself has many recreational amenities, a fine restaurant, an excellent bar and a full service spa.

The resort is near to bus and train connections to both Munich and Salzburg, so sightseeing tours of both are possible during your stay.

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