Vincennes, France Royal Regency Paris

It is with good reason that Le Chateau de Vincennes has been home to many former kings of France.    The city is famous for its castle, the Château de Vincennes, and its park, The Bois de Vincennes . This huge park features several lakes, wooded areas, open fields, carousels, gardens, and sports facilitieshosting one of the biggest zoos in Paris, Zoo de Vincennes.

This regal neighborhood of Paris harbors pockets of Parisian culture along with the cultural sights and delights we have come to expect of Europe’s favorite destination.

Guests will enjoy the famous monuments, museums, and theaters of this most historical and cultural of cities. Experience friendly Paris with its cafes, and, of course, get a taste of lively Paris by night.

Royal Regency is situated in Vincennes, an upmarket residential area and the former home of French royalty. There is a variety of restaurants, boutiques, and patisseries close to the resort, and the Metro station and RER train, which go to the heart of Paris and Disneyland Paris, are within easy walking distance.   Spend a week visiting Paris and stay at the Royal Regency, one bedroom for $665. Feb 19-26,2010.   This is a special member benefit price when you own a GRN Travel Membership.   Click the red button for more information.  Sign up today and save thousands on your vacations for a lifetime.

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