Travel Membership/Timeshare: A Lifetime Decision

The disadvantages of owning a Timeshare like RCI and our recommendations for luxury travel.

Timeshare was probably, along with franchising, one of the most revolutionary concepts of its time. But as good as Timeshare sounds, it comes with a set of disadvantages.

The whole idea is to buy one single week and never pay again. But this poses a  problem.  Would you really like to travel to the same resort every year for the rest of your life? Maybe it’s a resort you love and you say to yourself: “No problem, I love coming here”.

The industry has made some changes, now you can buy Timeshares on a resort that is part of a group of resorts, and they offer you the advantage to travel different places. But is it really that great?

Even if your resort is allied to others, are they resorts from around the globe? How many resorts can you really choose from? And did you read the small print?

Timeshares are highly expensive, regardless of the timeshare membership you own, you will be charged an upfront fee from $15,000 and up,  along with an annual maintenance fee at around $700 usd a year, and it doesn’t matter if you use your week or not. Can you afford this?

Often, there are common restrictions with timeshares: blackout weeks, no chance to travel more than one week a year. And did you remember the advantage to travel to different places? Well swapping your week  comes with a lot of difficulties, and sometimes swapping resorts comes with a high cost.

What happens if you would like to give your friends or family a great present and send them away to travel for a week? Well, that means that you won’t be able to travel in the same year as you just blocked your week.  Remember, you only bought one week a year.

Now our recommendations.

Imagine a travel membership that didn’t have any of the disadvantages a timeshare has.

A membership that allows you to travel fifty-two weeks a year. A membership that lets you choose your travel destination from over 5,000 resorts around the world, that include golf resorts, ski resorts, family resorts, in fact all the type of resorts you can imagine. And it includes cruises! Car rentals, best price air fare.

A membership with a one time fee for life, that does not have a maintenance fee or any kind of annual fee.

A membership like this is now available to everyone in the world.

What is the deal with this Travel Membership?

Your choice of either a Platinum lifetime membership $2995(Platinum members have access to Unlimited guest weeks per year. The guest weeks are available at the normal rates. Members can purchase a guest week and give it away to a family member or friend. They can pay you for the week or you can give it away as a gift. A Guest week makes an awesome wedding gift for a family member.

Membership is Fully Transferable/will this to your heirs

A 3 year membership $1495( this can be upgraded to a Platinum membership for an extra $2000)

No Black out dates

Travel 52 weeks a year

4&5 Star Resorts Studio-1-2 & 3 Bedrooms

As part of your membership, we make sure that you have access to the best prices available on airfares, cruises, and car rentals.

No maintenance fees

Discount Cruises

8 day 7 night stays for $298/week to $799/wk .  This is for the unit not per person.

Great customer service
Our members also enjoy the benefits of full-time travel agents who will book the trips and find the best resorts. The service is simply unheard of in the travel industry.

This membership allows total freedom and flexibility to travel anytime, anywhere, worldwide, with a one-time membership fee and no other fees aside from the low weekly rates when you take a vacation.

With your Travel Membership you can Stay at the same places people have paid thousands for a one week Timeshare and enjoy this privilege year round with your family and friends.

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Don’t delay you can sign up today and you can be traveling next week, saving thousands on your vacations for a lifetime.

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