Travel Membership vs Expensive Timeshares

Do you Dread staying in cramped quarters on your holiday? Have you been disappointed with hotel rooms that are far less spectacular than promised? Does your family live like sardines for the entirety of your vacation because more spacious suites are outside of your budget? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, think about investing in a Travel Membership.

Unlike instead of tiny hotel rooms that lack amenities, imagine spending your vacation in a spacious timeshare type unit with all the comforts of home! If you think owning a timeshare is expensive try a travel membership without all the costs associated with a timeshare and far outside of your budget, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn travel memberships are more economical than your traditional hotel room, or timeshare.

Many vacationers prefer staying in a one or two bedroom suite than spending the night in a hotel. Those traveling with children or with large groups especially enjoy the relaxed accommodations of a large condo type spacious accommodations. Additionally, most travel memberships come with many of the conveniences of home, including kitchens or kitchenettes with microwaves and refrigerators. For those budget-conscious travelers, this option is perfect since money can be saved by preparing meals in house verses eating every meal at a restaurant. If you plan to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and not venture into a kitchen, these conveniences are still excellent, since drinks and snacks can be stored in the refrigerator and hungry vacationers will enjoy the quick cooking abilities of a microwave. These conveniences of home may especially appeal to families with children as an attractive reason to invest in a travel membership, but the single most interesting aspect is there are no monthly fees. The only cost is the actual original investment to join the travel club. These can range from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars depending upon the type of accommodations from hotel rooms, to complete two or three bedroom units. In many cases you are only limited to the number of sleeping quarters a unit will hold. This can be from two to eight people. In addition to having sleeping quarters, vacationers can seek solace in the living room in order to watch a movie, catch up on their reading, play a game, or just plain relax!

Perhaps the best thing about choosing a travel membership resort over a traditional hotel or timeshare is the savings received when booking your resort. The cost savings can be as much as the entire membership cost or several hundreds of dollars. Many travel resorts offer a variety of entertainment, dining, and recreational options for their visitors. Whether it’s the amenities inside the room, the space, or the resort’s amenities, travel clubs are a great option for travelers everywhere who are tired of staying in the cramped quarters of a hotel room or the expense of the timeshare. No more monthly maintanence fees.

After joining a travel membership club you will receive your very own access web site so you can see all the locations around the world. In addition you will find specials ranging from a low of $298.00 weekly (USD). Additionally, you can set up your own rental car and arrange your own air travel, and that’s not all. Most, if not all, travel memberships will have access to discounted hotel rooms, for the shorter stay, or cruises.

Cruises are available from places like the Western or Eastern Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Asia, Mexico, US & Canada, Disney Cruises or South America. All these cruises are accessible through your web site with complete pricing on each.

In all cases you are treated as a special guest when traveling with a travel membership.

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