Tobago: The Paradise island


Known in legend as the home of Robinson Crusoe, Tobago remains an unspoiled paradise island of the Caribbean. It offers great snorkeling; scuba diving; dense rain forest trails to explore; and warm, friendly people to welcome you. For such a tiny island Tobago is wonderfully spoilt in having  two prestigious golf courses ; Tobago Plantations, and Mount Irvine, for you to test your golfing skills.
Hire a jeep and go to Speyside at the north end of the island.  From Speyside you can see  Goat Island and Little Tobago, a 450 acre bird sanctuary.  If you are a bird watcher you will want to visit this sanctuary.

The waters of Tobago are crystal clear and teeming with life. Whether you want to just relax and enjoy the view, or get physical with some fishing or sports action, Tobago has it all.  Sport Fishing in Tobago includes  Marlin up to 700 lbs, Sailfish, Swordfish, Long Bill Spearfish and Mako Shark or just take a Natural Mystic sailing trip or Glass bottom boat tour in the waters off Tobago.  For the diver, over 300 species of coral, including the world’s largest brain coral, fish galore – Glassy Sweepers and Spotted Drums. Fairy Basslets, Parrotfish, Barracuda, Triggerfish, Sergeant Majors, every species of Angel Fish. Southern Stingrays, Morays, Turtles, Nurse Sharks, as well as on the Northern Atlantic side of Speyside, drift diving with Manta Rays, and Tarpon.

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