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I have been sharing the GRN Travel Club membership with you for the past 3 years. I am sure if you have been following my blog posts you have seen the value of this membership. $298 Hot weeks, $398 Prime weeks, never over $799 for a week even in Hawaii.

In the travel business over 20 years, Global Resorts Network has been one of the top-selling travel clubs in the world.

To better inform you look at the comparison of a Timeshare purchase to a GRN membership.

One Week of Timeshare Ownership=

* Average $16,000

* Plus $745 yr in maintenance fees forever

* For only 1 week per year

* Complicated exchange rates

* 20 yr hard cost of using this timeshare
one week per year = $40,000

Is that the savings you thought you would get by owning a timeshare?

Our GRN membership includes:

* up to 52 weeks of use per year

* weeks are cheaper than an owners maintenance fees

* Easy to pick destination(over 5000 resorts in network)

* No annual fee

Now that’s value

***While I was vacationing in Hawaii, I met a man selling (via hotel meetings) a $7000-$9000 travel membership, it included:

* up to 4 weeks a year

* weeks were $799-$999(and hot weeks were $499)

* less available inventory and selection of resorts than GRN

* $249 per year fee to use membership

and people thought they were getting a great deal.

So why am I sharing this with you?

As of Dec 15 2011 the GRN Platinum membership will be increasing to $4995
Gold membership $2995 (with an option to upgrade to Platinum for $2500 in the first 3 years.)

If you have been sitting on the fence about purchasing a GRN Travel Club membership you can still purchase today the
Platinum for $2995 and the
Gold for $1495.
But remember this is only good until
Dec 14,2011 as the price for this membership will double on Dec 15,2011.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.
GRN is the Ultimate Timeshare Alternative.

CLICK HERE to get your membership today

CLICK HERE to learn more

To contact me go to mrsa@globaltravelerreview.com

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