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A vacation in Paris is a dream come true for many, the romance of the city of Paris is a big part of that dream. I just found a week in Paris at the Royal Regency, for only $235 in a one bedroom for the entire week. Would that price interest you? You can book this same resort on Priceline and pay $1230 plus taxes. With a membership in our Private Vacation Club you will save $1000 on this vacation. That's money you can use for airfare, dining, shopping or whatever you want to use it for. Take a look at what you will get for that special week.

Royal RegencyRoyal RegencyRoyal RegencyRoyal RegencyRoyal Regencyopen market Paris
Royal Regency
Royal Regency

It is with good reason that Le Chateau de Vincennes has been home to many former kings of France.

This regal neighborhood of Paris harbors pockets of Parisian culture along with the cultural sights and delights we have come to expect of Europe's favorite destination.

Guests will enjoy the famous monuments, museums, and theaters of this most historical and cultural of cities. Experience friendly Paris with its cafes, and, of course, get a taste of lively Paris by night.

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