Paradise: Welcome to Maldives

They say paradise exists only in dreams.  There is nowhere on earth which can come even close to being called paradise!  However, far from the truth there are still some places left on earth whose beauty can never be explained in words.  You need to see them to believe their existence.

Welcome to Maldives, an island destination with crystal clear waters caressing powder white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying to the gentle wind are a sight for sore eyes and beckon the holiday hungry traveler.

Maldives is the paradise for scuba diving, hundreds of renowned diving sites, the thrill of diving with turtles, moray eels, manta rays, sharks, and whales and exploring some of the Maldives accessible wrecks, including the Maldives Victory off Hulule Airport, believed by many enthusiasts to be one of the most exciting wreck drives in the world.

Imagine the excitement of watching a great whale blowing its powerful body, surging through the water. Or a host of dolphins leaping from the sea in energetic bounds just a few feet in front of you. If this appeals to you, then the Maldives has what you are looking for.

Over 20 different whale and dolphin species can be seen here. The “Big Three” are the sperm whale, Bryde’s whale and, biggest of them all, the blue whale. Pilot whales are particularly common, while other specialities include dwarf sperm whales and Cuvier’s beaked whales. Melon-headed whales are commonest around the southern atolls, where they occur in enormous schools of 500 or more, and regularly bowride.

Among the dolphins, by far the most abundant, and the most acrobatic, is the spinner dolphin. Several other varieties, including Risso’s dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins and striped dolphins are also common.

So if you are looking for a paradise holiday where you can dive, surf, snorkel, whale watch or just relax on the beach you will find it in Maldives.

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