Pacific Palms Resort


Only three hours from Sydney but a world away you will find the Great Lakes, where the magnificent eastern dividing range forms a backdrop to one of the most dazzling stretches of coast you will ever see. The Great Lakes is NSW’s water playground with its 145 kilometres of stunning coastline and glittering mosaic of crystal clear inland waterways based around the impressive Wallis, Smiths and Myall lakes networks. Deep green forests abound with limitless opportunities to explore hidden coastal and hinterland jewels. Throughout the region you will discover breathtaking scenery and celebrate fabulous sunsets where you can immerse yourself in natures varied moods, from wide expanses of sub tropical forests to the tranquillity of a deserted beach at sunrise. Secluded bays, exciting surf beaches, stunning coastal scenery and historic hinterland combine to make the Great Lakes the perfect destination.

There is no shortage of activities catering for all ages. Amusement parks, cinemas, unique shopping, clubs, fine dining, golf courses, sailing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, diving, markets and numerous events are but a few of the opportunities that await the visitor. The region has all you will need to create memories that will last a lifetime.

This is another member benefit holiday retreat location.  A two bedroom for $398 for the week at Pacific Palms Resort.  Luxury vacations for pennies on the dollar can be yours with a Travel Membership with GRN.   Don’t wait another moment.

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  1. There are lots of holiday places to visit in NSW and bit hard to decide where to go for fun. I think this guide might help tourists to attract t and make them visit to  Great Lakes.