Orlando Vacation 2 Bedroom Under $400

Mar 03Mar 10/17 – Orlando, Florida
Only $339 for a Two Bedroom Suite (sleeps 6)TripAdvisor is charging $2,615.83 for the same week
Members will save $2,276.83 (87%) at this resort.Westgate Leisure Resort

Sleeps six comfortably… 
There is no need to cram a family of four, five or six into one tiny hotel room when you can have a home away from home at the West Gate Leisure Resort. Located just 10 minutes from most major theme parks, makes this an ideal home base for your next vacation.With your savings…You could purchase a 2 Day discounted Park Hopper pass which includes a $25 restaurant card through the membership. The cost for 2 adults and 4 children is $1574 plus you will have $150 in restaurant cards to use at each park.

Here’s the exciting news…

You would still have $702.83 left over from your savings which you could use towards groceries, a car rental or another excursion.

Prefer a different date? No problem.

Members may request ANY WEEK of the year at the Westgate Leisure Resort. The most you will ever pay is $699 per week through the Registry of Resorts.

One of the best things about owning a travel club membership is that it holds its value better than a timeshare. You will see your return on investment within the first 1-4 vacations. When you are finished you could sell the membership for same price you purchased it for or more!

Sign up for the tour and see what the Private Vacation Club has to offer you and your family for vacations that you can afford.
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Mike and Vikki

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