Orlando Disney Vacation

Walt Disney WorldYou want to take a Disney Vacation BUT…you start adding up the
theme parks, lodging, getting there and you say no way. But you still want to go. Let me help make your Disney Dream come true.


Did you know about these FREE places to visit in Orlando?

Disney Boardwalk

“Disney’s BoardWalk area contains more than 90,000 square feet of
shops, restaurants and nightclubs.
Enjoy free Ghirardelli Chocolate. While you are exploring the
Downtown Disney Marketplace, be sure to make a stop at the
Ghirardelli store and you will usually find an employee handing
out free samples of fine chocolate.

Take a ride on the monorail. It is a little-known fact that one
can ride the Disney World monorails at no charge. You can simply
park at Downtown Disney for free and take one of the
complimentary shuttle busses to the Ticket and Transportation
Center. From there, you are free to take a ride on the monorails
and experience the awe-inspiring views of the Walt Disney World

Watch Epcot’s Illuminations. The best spot to view Illuminations
outside of Epcot is around the Yacht & Beach Club resorts. Best
of all, you won’t have to fight the usually enormous crowds after
the fireworks are over.

Downtown Disney Parade. Almost everyday Disney World has a high
school band perform. These bands get to march in the afternoon
parades at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, and then at night
they get to perform at Downtown Disney World. These performances
are usually really good.
Orlando Golf
There are numerous great courses for those who like golf and shoppers will have endless options in and around the city.
There’s a lot more than theme parks to this lively city and visitors of all ages will find plenty to do.


Now for a place to call home for a week.  Our Private Vacation Club has a

2 bedroom Aug 14-Aug 21, 2015 at the Sheraton Vistana Resort for $700.00.

On booking.com they are asking $1548.75 for the same dates/room size.  That’s a savings of $848.75 on this one vacation.

Sheraton Vistana ResortSheraton Vistana ResortSheraton Vistana Resort



Sheraton Vistana ResortSheraton Vistana ResortSheraton Vistana Resort







Can you see your family enjoying a week in Florida at this resort?  Plenty of room for the family.  And with a full kitchen you can save even more by not eating out all the time.  There is even a washer/dryer so you can pack light.

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“At the heart of our membership are a lifetime of memories with family and friends.”

This is YOUR opportunity to embrace a lifestyle of freedom and adventure as you open the door to a new world of travel experiences. Adventure awaits!


Not having to pinch pennies when you go on vacation
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