Ontario: Snowmobile Paradise

If you're an avid snowmobiler, Ontario is the place for you.
As a recreational past time, snowmobiling provides a unique way to be more active during the winter months. As a social activity, snowmobiling means new friends, trailside camaraderie, and shared family outings. As an outdoor experience, snowmobiling offers a new appreciation and enjoyment of our Great White North.
 Enjoy spectacular scenery, uncongested trails, welcoming accommodations and countless tour loops. Once you experience snowmobiling in Ontario, you'll want to come back every snowmobile season.

Kids love fun. Kids love the outdoors. Put them together and you get one word: Ontario! With more rivers and lakes than you can imagine, lots of snow-covered trails to explore and plenty of space to catch some 'air', adventures across the province will amaze families looking for something different this winter.

Your biggest question will be "Where do we start?" Do you find the biggest hill to ski down, or do you take a slippery tube ride? Do you Saddle up for a scenic, slient ride on horsebach through snowy, wooded trails, go snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating,take a winter Hummer tour,

go on a Horse-Drawn Sleigh & Carriage ride or experience the Arctic thrill of dog-sledding.

Should you seek the best views of snow-covered pines, spend a relaxing day in the Spa,

or curl up in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate? Perhaps you're just looking to relax with your family at one of Ontario's famous resorts. Whatever you choose, know that exploring the outdoors with the family can be as exciting as snowboarding or as leisurely as a family skate.

Make Deerhurst Resort your classic Canada winter escape, or ideal base for exploring miles of snowmobile trails radiating from the resort. Pop down the road to charming downtown Huntsville for shops, more restaurants, even a snow tubing park.

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