Newport, Rhode Island Christmas

Are you headed for Rhode Island this Christmas? The cooler Rhode Island seasons (including the dead of winter) are excellent where you can feel virtually alone in the miles and miles of pristine wilderness.

As a GRN Travel Club Member you can spend Dec 18th-Dec 25th at the Wyndham Long Wharf,Newport RI, 2 bedroom, $398 for the week. The major carriers are asking $1657+fees for the same week. You save $1259+ with a GRN membership. That will buy a lot of Christmas presents and lobster dinners.

Hiking in the winter also includes cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Hiking trails and even the golfing links are open for winter sports enthusiasts who travel to Rhode Island for days of invigorating outdoor activities and evenings dining on gourmet food and being pampered at relaxing spas.

Rhode Island travel during the winter also provides the opportunity to explore some of the most popular attractions at deeply discounted prices and without the summer crowds. For instance, the elegant mansions of Newport offer many special winter events over the holidays, and they are particularly beautiful after a fresh blanket of snow.

If you have been looking for a way to afford a vacation home for your family, the GRN Travel Club provides you with 5000 timeshare properties, 365 days a year to choose from.

Watch “The Hidden Path” to fully understand the benefits of joining GRN Today. GRN is the Ultimate Timeshare Alternative without the mortgage,upkeep,liabilities,taxes,etc.

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Happy Traveling,

Mike & Vikki

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