Nardo, Italy


Just 2 ½ hours from London’s Stanstead Airport, you will discover a land of extraordinary colours starting from the rich red earth, the silvery green of the olive trees and the lush green of the vineyards, contrasting with the whiteness of the local rocks and stone and pink villas, all set against the exquisite backdrop of the Mediterranean, pale turquoise by day changing, with the intensity of an orange sunset, into a deepest blue.
This is a very antique land, rich in history and culture together with a vast natural landscape offering miles of beaches and crystal clear waters set in a Mediterranean heritage offering, cathedrals, monuments and grand buildings in the Baroque style, fortified towers, archaeological sites, enclosed feudal farmhouses and every type of villa from opulent palaces to modest family dwellings.
Experience all of this! All the year round! Yes, the climate is always mild and here the sun shines almost every day. Apart from swimming and beach life, you may chose to explore the “Natural Park of Portoselvaggio” famous for it’s Macchia Mediterranea, the natural occurring scrubland of low trees and bushes made up from aromatic myrtle, jasmine, rosemary, thyme and broom and many other species. Or you may prefer to go shopping in Nardo and other towns in the area. Prices locally are amongst the lowest in Italy offering excellent value for the money.
As if that were not enough, during your stay there are numerous diversions open to all ages, such as; boating, scuba diving, mountain biking, fishing, cave explorations, etc. Or you can simply relax and indulge an appetite for healthy eating with our nutritious Mediterranean cuisine. Discover our regional specialities, just-caught fish, acclaimed local wines, our locally produced olive oil, our tempting dessert dishes, liqueurs and more. For those who want music, come and lose yourself in Pizzica, a fast and exciting rhythm using tambourine, accordion and violin, or prepare to dance till dawn in one of our cool disco clubs or under the stars with numerous live music events.
Experience the warmth of the welcoming people of Puglia Go to Nardò!

The national park of Portoselvaggio, one of the most pollution-free areas of the salentine coast, where nature reigns uncontested amongst the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.
For those who are interested in architecture and monuments it is well worth a visit to Lecce, Gallipoli or the walled city of Otranto.

Italy 2

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