MAZATLAN –Pearl of the Mexican Pacific


Mazatlan, Pearl of the Mexican Pacific, is located just inside the Tropic of Cancer and therefore has warm golden beaches and a beautiful blue sky all year long.
It’s also the gateway to the Sea of Cortez and to the mountains of the legendary Western Sierra Madre.
Its name comes from the old Nahuatl Indian tongue, which means land of the deer. Mazatlan is distinguished for the vast diversity of activities which include sightseeing, culture, tours and sports such as fishing, golf, sailing, rural & ecological tourism, its internationally famous Carnival and much more.
The beautiful natural surroundings and rich history of Mazatlan are offered to tourists in addition to the comfort and security of a first class urban destination with convenient air, land and sea connections. Mazatlan offers modern medical facilities that include hospitals and English-speaking doctors of all specialties. Religious services for most types of faiths are available.

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Despite its size, Mazatlan is still a more rural destination then many of its busier counterparts. Unlike Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan has managed to retain much of its quiet charm. Travelers will find that Mazatlan still showcases Mexican beauty at its best with pristine beaches and wonderful local charm.


Perhaps the most popular way to pass the time in Mazatlan is by deep-sea fishing. Mazatlan fishing is famous throughout the world most specifically for billfish and shrimp. Mazatlan fishing is popular between fishing enthusiast and fishing beginners alike. Boats for a Mazatlan fishing trip can be rented at various spot throughout the city, and travelers will want to book their reservations far in advance during the winter months. Tourists can book passage on a Mazatlan fishing boat as part of a larger tour, or they may choose to rent a private boat for independent fishing trips. Fishing licenses are required in Mazatlan and can be obtained in the city.

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