Maui Vacation In February

ka-anapali-beach-clubEscape to Maui in February and bask in the sun and relax on the beach.

Escape to an exotic island surrounded by glistening, white sandy shores, flourishing tropical scenery and intriguing wild life. The symphony of gently lapping waves beckons visitors to explore Maui’s many hidden wonders.

Diving in Maui HAWAII

Dive down to the depths of the ocean and discover indescribable beauty hiding in the sapphire blue waters. Take a boat cruise on a whale-watching excursion, or survey the diverse landscape on a scenic hike. For a little island flavor, dine at any of the fine local restaurants. Experience Hawaii where endless activities, spectacular shows and breathtaking sunsets await you in Maui.

Prepare for the ultimate in relaxation as you enjoy the sumptuous comfort and hospitality of

Ka’anapali Beach Club. Feb 28- Mar 7, 2017, one bedroom just $699.oo for the week as a member of the Private Vacation Club. You can book on Expedia the same week room size for $2801.72.  Join the club today and save $2102.72 on this vacation.  Use your savings for airfare, recreation, food or another vacation.

Ka'anapali Beach ClubKa'anapali Beach ClubKa'anapali Beach ClubKa'anapali Beach Club

Featuring well-appointed accommodations, spacious interiors, in-room refrigerators, and oversized tubs with separate showers in the bath, this tropical resort provides the ideal paradise for a romantic getaway or family vacation.

Relax poolside at the acre-wide pool and enjoy outdoor cafes tucked into tropical garden atriums and relaxing waterfalls.

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