Last Minute Fishing Trip With Your Buds in Canada

I know this is cutting it short on this great fishing trip
vacation but if you live on the East Coast or in Ontario
and love to fish in Canada then this is for you.

With a GRN Travel Membership you can spend
July 2- July 9th at this all inclusive resort,
Chaudiere Lodge, 3 bedroom, sleeps 8 for
$398 for the week.  That's less than $50.00 each for the week.

We invite you to come and
experience the allure of the French River and
Lake Nipissing, together offering more than
1,000 squares miles of water for great fishing.
This is an all inclusive
resort and the Resort Has A Mandatory Meal Plan
Of $475 USD Per Person Per Week, You have to eat, 

But you are there to fish and enjoy your buds and not to have to
cook anyway.

If you are looking at this though, you are interested in one thing – fishing. As beautiful as the Upper French River is, what really counts is the world under the water that you can’t see. Chaudiere Lodge offers you a chance to fish both the Upper French River and Lake Nippising. These waters are yielding more and more big fish every year, it is prime fishing territory and its waters are well respected amongst the angling community.
A lot of lakes and rivers in Ontario are good for catching numbers, a lot of places offer big fish, and other areas offer a multitude of species. But the Upper French River is unique because it offers a combination of all of the above! Here you can catch big numbers but don’t ever forget you are in world record waters.  Terrific fishing for Walleye, Bass , Pike and Muskie.

Sign up today and this fishing vacation can be yours
and you will be the hero to all your buds you take
with you.  I hope you catch the Big One.

So what are you waiting for.  Get 8 of your buds and buy a GRN Travel membership together today, $375 each and all of you will be able to use this membership for a lifetime.

If you are considering purchasing a timeshare, thinking it will save you money and guarantee you a nice place to vacation each year, there is a better alternative–the GRN Travel Club membership.
Watch “The Hidden Path” to fully understand the benefits of owning a GRN Travel Membership. Sign up for the Free Travel Tips here on my blog.

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Happy Traveling,
Mike & Vikki

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