LAKE TAHOE: Unique & Beautiful


Lake Tahoe is a unique and beautiful national treasure that also boasts a rich and colorful historical past. The Washo Indians had been gathering at its shores for centuries when American explorers Kit Carson and John Fremont came upon it in 1844. The Lake Tahoe Basin was a summer gathering place for three tribes of these peaceful Indians, who considered the Lake to be a spiritual site and conducted sacred ceremonies on the South Shore.

Today, Lake Tahoe still retains its pioneer charm while displaying an ancient respect for nature. While hotels, casinos and ski resorts draw millions of guests each year, the area’s main attraction continues to be the restful silence of the wilderness and the awe-inspring beauty of the Lake. As the Washo Indians realized centuries ago, the “edge of the lake” is a unique and special place.

Lake Tahoe is not only one of the bluest, purest and clearest bodies of water in the world, it’s one of the most inviting, too.

Summer, winter, spring or fall, Lake Tahoe teems with activity. This is a place where—on certain days of the year—it is possible to ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon. A place where you can catch a fish most days of the year, and the Sierra Nevada provides opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding and kayaking.

tahoe squaw_creek_golf_course


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South Lake Tahoe is the only destination in the country that combines two strikingly different worlds: the spectacular beauty of a national park and desirable amenities of an appealing resort, with 24-hour nightclubs, fine dining, gaming and entertainment.

Today, Lake Tahoe endures undiminished grandeur. Nothing can diminish first impressions driving to Lake Tahoe and seeing this giant pool of indigo-blue water cradled between mountain ranges.


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