Is It “HOT” In The Summer Where You LIve?

Lake OkanaganIf you live in Arizona, Palm Springs or other 100+temp areas in the summer, then it is HOT where you live. Canadians go south in the winter so you need to migrate north to the Okanagan Valley this summer in British Columbia. Beautiful 70 degree weather, the Okanagan Lake which is 84 miles long, between 3.1 miles wide and has a surface area of 136 sq miles, is the longest lake I have ever seen.

Driving along side the lake we stopped at numerous local fruit/veg stands and picked up the most delicious homemade jams and jellies along with the fresh fruits and vegs.
On this vacation we were in our motorhome taking our time and enjoying this beautiful part of Canada.

Okanagan wine tastingOkanagan golfThe Okanagan Valley is a place of rolling hills of orchards and vineyards, winding country roads, hiking trails and spectacular natural landscapes. You will also find over twenty wineries,  culinary delights as well as numerous championship length golf courses.  This valley is paradise if you love wine tasting and golf, just be careful doing both on the same day.

I found this wonderful resort today and wanted to share it with you. 

It is the Lake Okanagan Resort located right on the water. 

Available June 22-June 29, 2014 a one bedroom with a kitchen big enough for a family of 4.  for only $624 for the week. as a Private Vacation Club member.  Expedia wants $1736.54 for the same week/room size.  A member savings of $1112.54 for this vacation.

Are you tired of staying home because you can't afford to pay retail for your family vacations? 

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