Is Cabo San Lucas On Your Bucket List?

cabo san lucas

Where the Sea Of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean you will find Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  If this destination is on your bucket list then keep reading.

Have you intertained purchasing a Timeshare property in this area?  A place you can go to one week each year at the same time.
I want to share a secret with you.  There is NO Need to pay high upfront Resort or Timeshare fees when you can gain access to the very same resort for a fraction of the cost and go whenever you want for a week for as low as $398 and never more than $799.  

Just like a Costco membership, we pass along wholesale prices to our Private Vacation Club members. So check out this week in Cabo at the Sol Mar Beach Club Resort Nov 1-Nov 8, 2014 in a Studio unit for only $398.  Now I checked out the price on the internet and it even though they were having a special limited pricing going on it would still cost the average traveler $1707.55 for the same week/bedroom size.  As a Private Vacation Club member you will save $1309.55 on this one vacation.  Would you vacation more if you only had to pay $398 for a week at a 4-5 star resort?

Sol Mar Beach Club ResortSol Mar Beach Club ResortSol Mar Beach Club Resort






Solmar Beach Club Resort

SolMar Beach Club Resort



Not having to pinch pennies when you go on vacation
because you are saving thousands of dollars on your resort.
With our vacation savings… the average trip is going to
save you $500-$5,000 per trip.  We have seen upwards
of $6,500 savings on a trip before!
Our resorts are almost always full kitchen, full bath,
and what I consider 4 & 5 star living for 2 star prices!
You literally have access to over 5,000 resorts all over
the globe, over 70,000 hotels, cruses, flight saving,
rental car savings etc…
And we are in basically every country
you would ever want to go on vacation!

Vacation when you want to go and save
on all your vacations for a lifetime
just by joining our Private Vacation Club
where membership has its privileges,
also get all of the benefits of 5000
Timeshare properties without the cost
or ownership headaches!

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