Interesting Destination: Banten, Indonesia

Tropical breezes, natural scenery, fine white sand are what you will find
when you vacation in the Banten province of Indonesia. Sunbathing on Tanjung
Lesung Beach, swimming, jet skiing, snorkeling or just watching a beautiful
sunset while the sea birds fly low over the water.
The city of Banten has a lot of treasure to those that likes history. Such as the ruins of Surosowan Palace, Kaibon Palace, ‘Masjid Agung Banten’ [Banten Great Mosque, enlisted in Moslem’s pilgrimage in Indonesia], Speelwijk fortress and Chinese temple Avalokiteshvara, and the harbor of Banten, Karanghantu [devil rock’s harbor] that still used nowadays already existed since centuries ago. And don’t miss a visit to Banten National Park and Krakatau volcanic island.

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