Holiday Disneyland Paris

Paris HolidayDisneyland Paris

Located in the north of the country on the river Seine, Paris has the reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, brimming with historic associations and remaining vastly influential in the realms of culture, art, fashion, food and design. Numerous iconic landmarks the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge, and a holiday at Disneyland Paris.

Paris, the world's most popular city destination, has plenty of must-see places but make sure you spend at least a day strolling off the beaten path, as this is the only way to discover the real Paris.

And although Paris does grandeur and drama better than any place, its greatest pleasures are arguably its simplest ones: the rustic charm of a humble neighborhood bistro; the tranquility of a churchyard; the lilt of a jazz combo; the crunch of a perfect baguette. Best of all, such indulgences are easily accessible and affordable (and often outright free). When was the last time your heart quickened by the mere act of walking down the street?

Then you need a place to stay while on holiday in France.
Situated alongside Disneyland Resort Paris, surrounded by a 27-hole golf course, and only 40 kilometers' drive from Paris' city center, Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France, a perfect place for those who want to spend some time at Disneyland Paris and a welcome retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation from your day trips into Paris. As a member of our Private Vacation Club your two bedroom condo awaits you Mar 1-Mar 8 for only $599 for the week. Can you see you and your family spending a week at this resort?
Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-FranceMarriott's Village d'Ile-de-FranceMarriott's Village d'Ile-de-FranceMarriott's Village d'Ile-de-France

Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France

Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France
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