Guadelopupes Beach Vacation

guadeloupe-beachIf beaches are a must for your holidays but you are tired of the crowds and beach vendors then you need to make Guadelopupes your next beach holiday destination. Here you will find sun, sand, turquoise seas and palm trees whispering in the trade winds.

A change from the beach will take you on a hiking excursion in the rain forest where you will see beautiful waterfalls, tropical animals,the mascot of the Nation Park is the racoon but you will also see iguanas and lizards and a variety of birds.

divingScuba or snorkel underwater to the colorful reefs off Pigeon Island, one of Jacques Cousteau’s favorite diving locations.  The island itself is beautiful, with a lot of plantations and farming. There are banana, pineapple, guava, mango and sugarcane plantations in abundance.  The colorful markets are open-air, like you would find in France, and loaded with local produce, fruits and vegetables, spices, homemade rums, and freshly caught fish!
For an adventurous vacation, Guadeloupe is a great choice in the Caribbean.

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