Grand Cayman A Piece Of Paradise


Nestled in the calm, turquoise waters of the western Caribbean lies the peaceful British Overseas Territory known as the Cayman Islands. Consisting of three islands just 480 miles south of Miami, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman remain little pieces of paradise.

Blessed with sun-kissed beaches and waters teeming with gold flecked fish, the Cayman Islands offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world.

Grand Cayman visitors can choose from a wonderland of more than 159 dive sites. It's all here: steep, deep walls adorned with sponges and corals in a stunning array of colors, shallow reefs filled with schooling and solitary fish and small invertebrates, and wrecks featuring photogenic structures and curious marine residents. There's also the World's Best 12 Foot Dive – unique Stingray City.  Grand Cayman's reefs offer a variety of marine life encounters. The fish and critters are unafraid of divers, knowing we pose no threat.   If you've only fantasized about peeking beneath the sea, there is no safer, gentler and more exciting place to learn this sport than in Cayman's calm, clear, current-free waters. From toddlers to great-grandparents, snorkeling is ideal for all ages and a great family activity too.

In the Cayman Islands, fishing is often called the unofficial "national sport." Prized game fish like blue marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin (Mahi-mahi) are caught year-round. Thrilling catches take place as close as a quarter mile offshore on all three islands

The Cayman Islands provide a challenge to anglers with a wide variety of deep-sea game fish, light tackle and fly fishing year round.
The Cayman Islands is completely different than the other Caribbean Islands because there is plenty of deep water and a variety of fish that changes with the tides.

Additional Water sports include, paddle boarding, kitesurfing and parasailing.

Choose from taking the family out for the day riding horseback and bringing a picnic or having a romantic evening ride for two in the evening along the caribean coast under the full moon.

Go on a romantic sunset cruise with the one you love. Feast at one of the fine restaurants, many of which feature live entertainment to create that special ‘evening out’ mood. Unwind. Kick back. Smile. Tomorrow is another day and you’re blessed. You’re in the Cayman Islands…sheer bliss!

The Islands are also hassle-free with no street vendors, allowing a peaceful and pleasant visit as well as the freedom to wander and enjoy our capital: George Town, which possesses some of the best cooking and shopping in the Caribbean.

Situated on the East end of the Grand Cayman is Morritts Toruga Club & Resort. 

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