globaltravelerreviewHi, Mike & Vikki here from beautiful No. California. My husband Mike and I are part of the baby boomer generation. We purchased our Private Vacation Club membership in 2008 as we saw the value in the pricing structure for unlimited vacations. We are now both retired and can plan great vacations around the world for $398 p/w with our membership. We owned a timeshare that we got rid of because it did not have the flexibility that the Private Vacation Club has. So if you are single, a young married couple, have kids or are a baby boomer like us and want to travel more when you retire, join today. Its the best Travel investment you will make in your lifetime. You'll be glad you did.



The Private Vacation Club Membership is made up of Timeshare units that people pay thousands to buy into and pay maintenance fees and other fees to trade for a different location to use for one to two week each year or every other year. There is an alternative to Timeshares.

A revolutionary new concept in luxury vacations is

the Private Vacation Club



I would love to answer any questions you may have about the membership.

Please contact me at or

Call 530-925-9285

Looking forward to speaking with you



2 Responses to Connecting

  1. jone mataibeci turagabeci says:

    Dear mam,
    How do I become a member of this great adventure.It sound too great to forget.How do I book flights?

    • vikki says:

      Hi Jone
      Thank you for your interest in the Private Vacation Club. To learn more please visit my site and sign up to take a tour of the membership. On the tour you will be able to see all that is available to our members and it will be live so you can get any questions you have answered.
      I look forward to meeting you on the tour

      Vikki Anderson

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