Get Out Of The Cold…Puerto Rico Vacation

puerto RicoLooking for a warm place to escape the snow and cold where you are?  Let’s go to Puerto Rico. With temps in the 80’s the beach will welcome you.
two championship golf courses, a multiplex tennis center, swimming pools, fitness center, jogging trails, boat marina, riding stables,
three miles of beach, shopping, salons, and numerous restaurants and lounges will all be yours

at the Club Cala de Palmas Feb 6-Feb 13, 2016 a one bedroom $398.00 for the week as a Private Vacation Club member.  Not a member yet, Expedia will cost you $1458.99 for the same week room size.  Save $1060.99 as a member.  Use your savings for airfare, food, recreation or another vacation.

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Wanted:  Families who want to Travel Comfortably and Affordably without Compromising Quality

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Mike & Vikki

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