Fiji: Island Paradise


The tropical islands in the South Pacific wrap a feeling of mystery, beauty and relaxation into one stunning package. It’s the perfect destination to escape from a stressful job or a cold climate and embrace a new perspective on life. When you land in Fiji, you can feel your troubles melt away as you become enchanted with a new state of mind.
The beaches of Fiji are well-known around the world. The gorgeous climate, sparkling water and soft sand are some of the biggest reasons people travel from other side of earth to this network of islands. If you really want to relax and take in the life, head to a beach. You’re never far from a sandy stretch in your dazzling Fiji hotel room, but the one you choose may depend on what you want. Would you like to play in the water, or relax on the sand? Are you interested in water sports? Would you prefer a calm, serene beach, or a colourful party beach? No matter what your beach style, the islands of Fiji have something right up your alley.

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Although most travelers head to the islands of Fiji in search of a beach holiday, the land is just as magnificent as the waters. The tropical landscape offers kilometres of rain forests, complete with trickling streams, fascinating wildlife and crashing waterfalls. Many of the islands have green, rolling hills, small mountains and craters left from ancient volcanoes. While visitors should definitely enjoy the endless beaches, it’s important not to neglect the adventure and beauty within the land itself. Head inland to uncover new treasures and see all of the exotic flora and fauna you can find.

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