Cummings Valley Country Vacation

Stallion Springs ResortLooking for a resort that is out of the city, out of the ordinary, quiet, friendly and in the country?and has an 18-hole golf course, pro shop, driving range and chipping and putting greens. Not a golfer?  There is tennis and a pool for your enjoyment.  There are local wineries and Ostrich and Alpaca ranches nearby open to the public.

Stallion Springs ResortStallion Springs ResortStallion Springs ResortLocated in the Cummings Valley and surrounded by mountains,


Stallion Springs Resort is the perfect getaway location.
Our Private Vacation Club has Aug 14-Aug 21, 2015 two bedroom for $625.00 available to our members at Stallion Springs Resort.

I found this comparison for the same week bedroom size for $1133.99.

Would you vacation more if it meant a savings of $508.99 on this vacation?

Stallion Springs Resort

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