Christmas In New Orleans

Christmas lights New Orleans


Want to spend Christmas 2015 in New Orleans?  How about in a hotel just off the French Quarter in a building dating back to 1840.  Yes it has been refurbished since 1840 but still retains the quaintness of the past.

Within walking distance to Bourbon Street, 2 of the world famous Streetcar lines, the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Harrah’s Casino, the Audubon Insectarium, and the Mississippi Riverwalk.

If you come here for the gourmand’s dream you will find Creole a spicy,substantial blend of French,Spanish,African and Caribbean cuisine,mixed up with a host of other influences including Native American,Italian and German.

Maison Pierre LafitteMaison Pierre LafitteMaison Pierre Lafitte





Our Private Vacation Club has a Queen Studio, partial kitchen, Dec 18- Dec 25, 2015 for $635.00 for the week at The Maison Pierre Lafitte. Same dates, room size on line is $1084.45. Would Christmas be better at $635?  I think so.  It leaves you room to buy more presents this year. Our members save on every vacation they take and because of that are able to take more vacations each year.  That’s a nice Christmas present. Join the club today.

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