Celebrate Thanksgiving Elsewhere

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Why do GRN Travel Club Members get to Vacation More?

There’s something to be said for gathering with the family, but the best part of getting away ,of course, is getting away from all of the chores a big holiday entails—the shopping,cooking, dishes. There’s nothing wrong either with trying something different.

Check out some of our special vacation locations and prices for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

This is just a sample of what is available to our members.

Feeling the economic crunch, but still wanting a getaway? You’re not alone. You can still take that family vacation and not completely drain your wallet.

Watch this video to learn more.

Global Resorts Network is a fantastic Exclusive Travel Membership Club that provides amazing discounted travel of up to 90% off other retail sites like Expedia, and you also get all of the benefits of Timeshare without the cost or ownership headaches!

If you have questions please contact me at mrsa@globaltravelerreview.com

Happy Traveling

Mike & Vikki

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