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plum-tree-club-on-rockleyTime to escape the cold and snow and head to Barbados. Imagine yourself on a tropical island with warm sunshine on your face, cool Caribbean breezes in your hair and white sand between your toes. While you are here do some snorkeling, play golf, visit the Barbados Museum, go for a hike, go deep sea fishing, Feb is prime time for this, try your hand at windsurfing or kiteboarding. When the sun goes down you will find a number of places who offer live music for your enjoyment.

Now imagine on that island a place you can call home, on oasis to tranquility where you can retreat, replenish your energy and renew your spirit.

Plum Tree ClubPlum Tree ClubPlum Tree Club

Plum Tree ClubPlum Tree ClubPlum Tree Club









On the South coast of Barbados you will find the Plum Tree  Club on Rockley Golf Course. Rockley golf course Our Private Vacation Club members can spend Feb 14-Feb 21, 2015 one bedroom just $689.00 for the week. I checked the online sites and these dates were all sold out.   If you love vacations you need to check out our Travel Club.

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