Ashland, New Hampshire Vacations

golf courseHave you vacationed in Ashland, New Hampshire?
In winter, heavy snowfalls turn the White Mountains into a skiers and snowboarder’s paradise. Also popular are cross country skiing, skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling in the area.

In the summer you can hike Mount Washington, go to the beach, boating, water skiing, wind surfing,fishing, play golf, take in the Live entertainment in the area, go horseback riding, go shopping.

Come stay at Cold Spring Resort. In the summer June 17-June 24, 2017, Just $449.00 for a 2 bedroom as a member of the Private Vacation Club.  You can book this resort online and pay $1754.90 for the same weeks room size.  Save $1305.90 on this vacation date by becoming a member today. Could you afford to vacation more with the savings of being a member?  We also have a 1 bedroom Feb 10-Feb 17, 2017 for only $399.00 for the week. Great ski time in this area.

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